Monday, May 26, 2014

Se Habla Flores

First things first.... the transfer update! Me and Sister Lloyd, as well as the sisters in the Jay area are staying. But I have happy news! Actually two pieces of really happy news! 1) Another one of my favorite part member family investigators from a former area is now baptized! :) :O Sister Milne didn't tell me she had a baptismal date, the last I heard was that she was coming to church. But I always kind of knew that she would get baptized. I met her in the middle of my second transfer there. We went to her house in the daytime as a back up to another family we were working with. She came to the door with a baby in her arms and was like "I just got her calmed down, but come back sometime" and then we visited for a few minutes. We came back and she told us that she and her husband wanted to have the baby blessed into the church.

She was a golden gator from then on. She didn't stand us up or anything, The less-active husband came to church with her and their two kids on the day of the blessing and that started her going to church and progressing. Now she's baptized! They will make a wonderful addition to that ward.

Another exciting thing happening,,, Sister Bennion is coming to be with me in the Pensacola Zone! I miss her so dearly and have just recently overcome the temptation to call her up at random times when I don't know what to do with an investigator. That  is unfortunately against mission rules, even if she is in my zone, but now at least I can see her at zone training, stake events, and transfer spots if we ever both have to go. And we have the same legit sister trainers so if necessary we can communicate through them haha!

Back on Planet Brewton things are strange as ever, but the work is speeding up here, I feel. This week we were able to teach our little 10 year old investigator, Brittany. She would be baptized already, but her sort of returning to activity mom has been distracted from getting herself and Brittany to church lately because a bunch of obscure relatives are living with them for a time. But things have been going better with her than they were a few weeks ago, We've got one of the obscure relatives that likes to listen to our lessons when we come over,,, she's 7. But hey it helps Brittany to listen when she's got a buddy to listen with so no complaints,

The greatest excitement of the week was teaching the famous Spanish people we met on exchanges- the Flores'. They are very humble, and the dad especially wants to lead his family toward church-going and good morals, We brought a member, a young counselor in the Branch Presidency who served his mission in Chile. We taught them the Restoration (ok he taught most of it), and they were really impressed. They weren't able to make it to church this week like they said they would, but the member offered to pick them up next week so they are more comfortable. :)

That's about it. Oh! DeFuniak Sisters are becoming a trio for a few weeks before Sister Hamilton goes home. That's so weird haha. I have now successfully made it 7 transfer cycles and going on one more without being in a trio. Heck yeah.

-Sister Laura Cooper

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