Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dreaming of Tags

Guys... I had my first "I'm a missionary!" dream. It totally reminded me how not yet ready I am here with 45 days left. Ha!

Ready... this makes so little sense... sharing anyway... you're welcome.

It begins with me showing up a couple hours early to the MTC. They let me come inside into the lobby and it looks like the Helaman style lobby heritage decor. The MTC is like part of BYU right? So it's sort of possible. Anyway, they say, "well, have so companions" and I turn around and it's this stranger who slightly reminds me of Catie Brown and the other is Michael Comp. And I come over and open my suitcase and I have one skirt. kay, that's bad. Michael (who is a girl with an awesome boy's name, b-t-dubs) is like, oh, I also forgot my skirts. And the mature one, the Catie-ish one, is just like are y'all serious?

Then we walk to and point at the map. I was somehow angry at Florida. I have no idea why haha.

Then I wake up (in real life). I look at the clock and it's like 2:30 in the morning. I go back to sleep aaaaaaanddddd...


I'm in Florida. Except this place that I am is not Florida in the slightest... but I call it that anyway. I get off this double decker bus from the back and meet a crowd of people. Another friend, who like Catie is actually in the MTC headed somewhere far away from Florida, waves at me on my way out. I look up and a group of Chinese tourists flying off in a Disney hot air balloon. I take a picture on my phone. Which I have. contraband. My companions, the same ones from the MTC dream run up to me and are like, HI we're your companions. We head for this tunnel and  I turn on some Pitbull on my phone and realize that's really bad and that I shouldn't have a phone and that I can only listen to religious music.

We head for this tunnel to find people to talk to. I see my friend from theatre, Katherine, dressed as a little dutch boy. I'm like...HEY. And I ask her to take a picture of me and my companions for my letter home, but she like pulls out her computer and starts taking screenshots and that's not right so I just leave her to that. Then I spend like half an hour trying to find someone to take a picture, but evidently no one knows how... Then  I apologized to mis compaƱeras in Spanish, and woke up to the sound of my phone buzzing.

Okay, you are seriously a trooper if you read that entire thing. It made me realize that I need to get a Shuffle and put some church music on it! Haha. Don't wanna be stuck with Pitbull...

Me and my companion...according to my subconscious.

Hopefully I am more prepared than dream-me.

Happy Sunday,
Sister Laura Michelle Cooper