Monday, February 2, 2015

If You Haven't Left... LEAVE! :)

I've been thinking about what I might want to say for this last post on my blog. That attempt ended up about how thinking about what to say in my farewell testimony did. I got sad, had a million different ideas about what I might want to say, and then gave up and figured I'd wing it. So here we are.
I know lots of different random people read this (it comes up on Google pretty easy I here haha. I've even heard that I am on Pinterest!). I know not all of you are young, single members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but to those who are I wouldn't want to end this blog experience without telling you... If you haven't served a mission... do it now!! It's the best! :) 
This applies to all who read. I want everyone to know that I have had some of the best days of my life out here preaching the truth. I know that this Gospel is the way to all happiness. On my mission I have seen the light that comes in to others' lives as they center their focus on the Gospel, the Bible and the Book of Mormon, their families, and their desires to come in line with the commandments of Heavenly Father. 
Seeing this change has brought me great happiness, as has experiencing it. I now love to study the scriptures every morning. I'm not so painfully addicted to the computer (hopefully that doesn't change as soon as I get hands on an Apple product). And I love to share the Gospel. Restrictions of the mission that once bothered me have since become challenges that I've recognized help all of us missionaries access the Atonement, and experience "mighty change" like our investigators do. 

Where I'm reading in the Bible, Paul tells the Corinthians that he must become as the poor to gain the poor as converts, and as the Jews to gain the Jews as converts. And we out here become as our people. We live in their towns, we drink the same orange-ish water, we make do with limited transportation, ect. But most of all, we learn about the Atonement with them. And I love that! :)
There's much more I could tell you about this week and about my mission... if I didn't have a little timer ticking at me on the computer. To end, I will explain the title.
Back in August when Elder Zwick came to the mission, lots of the mission leaders were super stressed about making a good impression and making sure everyone was on time.  Two hours before the conference, every missionary in the Pensacola Zone got the following text:
"If you haven't left... LEAVE!" and it's something I have quoted ever since.
And I quote it to you know... if you haven't left, either on a full-time mission, or just haven't left your comfort zone and engaged in this work of salvation... LEAVE NOW! :) 

Get out here! (either literally or figuratively). I have never been happier than I have been fully immersed in this work. I love the Lord and this Church, and I love being a missionary. You will too.
Thank you for y'alls support. I LOVE YOU, HAPPY FRIENDS, FOLLOWERS, and FAMILY!!! See some all y'all on Thursday night!
D&C 45:62 :)
-Sister Laura Cooper