Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Lighting up the Sky

Tornados and floods and winds and lightning and somehow we still had a pretty good week! We learned how to make those Wonderloom Bracelets because we weren't allowed to leave the house for two days. So we hunkered down, ate chips, made bracelets (including a CTR one, holla), listened to the like 5 CDs we own and both like (seriously, whoever makes me a CD of a bunch of MoTab at conference will be my best friend), practiced the piano on the keyboard we have for the Brewton Group, and even made Plan of Salvation cut outs.

Whew. We were sure happy to get outside! I guess some crazy stuff happened down south in Pensacola area, but up here we were fine. Just a lot of "LIIIIGHTING UP THE SKYYYYYY!" I'm sure no one will get that reference. It came from an obscure EFY song Sister Smith had. That's okay. It makes sense to me! :D

Once we got outside the weather flipped and it again was hot as heck! :D Dusty roads and scortchin sun all the day long on the bicycle. Classic Alabama life is restored.

We got two new investigators this week, and an old one that I mentioned last week, he pretty much begged us to tell him how to get baptized and what he needs to do. He confessed like his whole life to us and was like "I need to get prepared to be baptized!" and yep that was the crazy swirl of the week. A bunch of people coming to Jesus. I'll take it. :) Brewton is strange strange strange, but you just gotta love it. People here are different then people in any other area I've seen or heard of on my mission. They care about their salvation and the salvation of others more than usual. They really want to be and stay "saved", even when they don't exactly know that they want that or what that means.

They are such good people. I want to stay and build the church here forever. Except I have another college love other than BAMA. It's the one and only BYU where I must someday return and continue my quest for the knowledge and learning of the world.

But for now I will say I want to stay in Bama forever.

Yesterday we had the special opportunity to watch the broadcast of the Ft. Lauderdale temple dedication. Even though we don't get to go to the temple at all in this mission, I counted this as a halfway through present from God. Getting to go to the closest possible substitute! And what I great Hump Day present it was.

Love you all. If I'm related to you, hopefully I will be able to talk to you this weekend haha!

-Sister Laura Cooper

Out in the supposed storm, Bama jacket and all.

After the broadcast in Pensacola, Park Time!

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