Monday, May 19, 2014

That Awkward Weekend When...

Since I wrote last, we have experience approximately 5 days of awesome and 2 days of awkward, seasoned with Extreme Awkward. First, I must comment of the most awesome thing. One of the first investigators I ever taught on my mission finally got baptized 2 days ago.


His name is James, the husband in a Part Member family in DeFuniak. Teaching him and his less-active (at the time) wife the Restoration lesson was one of the best and most memorable lessons I've taught on my mission. I'm so happy to see that even though the road was long, he was able to make it there. He and his wife have been attending church together for months now, and now he is baptized! :)

So back in Brewtonland our super sweet week included officially picking up this Spanish speaking family as investigators. It's a Dad, Mom, and two little girls. They can speak English to some degree, but I got to teach them twice this week in Spanish. Sister Lloyd helped out by praying for me the whole time. They asked about coming to church, and some Spanish RMs have volunteered to help them out when they do come. :D

We also got back up with Kali, who has been hard to meet with the last like week and a half. And we got Renee going on her family history.

Then the awkward weekend began. Contacted potentials and formers. A couple were like "get away creeps" and one turned out to have passed away... That was an awkward conversation with his granddaughter. But she's nice though. And an Assembly of God minister. That too.

Finally, the pinnacle of awkward. The drunk teenager party happening in the other half of our duplex apartment. So we live in a former firehouse. There are four compartments to our building. The bottom right compartment is laundry and storage that no one can get into. The bottom left is storage no one can get in to. The top right is us, and the top left is our neighbors, Matthew and Savannah--an 18 year old high school grad, and a 17 year old senior who are dating. We share the staircase that leads to both of our apartments. They decided to throw a big party Saturday night, involving about 7 other teenagers showing up, a lot of beer chugging and bottle throwing, and some game involving setting something on the roof of their car on fire. There was karaoke and dancing, and my favorite part, BASKETBALL on our INDOOR, SHARED staircase.

Oh dear glory... Welcome to mission life.

-Sister Laura Cooper

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