Sunday, May 4, 2014

There's Water in the Air

The summer is back in the South, everybody. Who's ready for a nice relaxing swim... through the air of downtown Brewton... on bicycle? Yeah it's pretty legit. Me and Sister Lloyd I think are settled into our new companionship now. I no longer feel like the stress of taking over Brewton is going to cause me to go completely bonkers. :) So that's sweet.

I celebrated my hump day this past week! Sister Lloyd's birthday, then my Hump Day, then her year mark, and then if we stay together a second transfer, we will get to celebrate my birthday as well. But I'm not ready to be a full grown adult. I think I'd rather stay a teenager. Teenager and returned missionary cannot occur in the same being though, so I guess I'll have to take the birthday if I ever want to continue my education, get a job, get married et cetera. But I mean the Brewton group does need a lot of help so I could just stay here and be a teenage southern belle forever.

Hmm. Options.

Not only is there water in the air literally, but I think there is a lovely spirit of people realizing they should get baptized. So there's that kind of water floating around too. :D Figuratively. We've got three people who basically told us this week that they think it's about time they get serious about learning the Gospel and getting baptized. What? So stoked. Now we just need to talk to everyone in Brewton about that. Shweet.

We are still helping the whole group quit smoking basically. Hey. What are you gonna do except love'm? And teach their kids. That one has lead to some good progress with a little girl who we are hoping to get baptized in the next few weeks and her mom who is just coming back to church.

Things are going swimmingly I suppose. There is the Ft. Lauderdale temple dedication that we get to watch a broadcast of this sunday. TEMPLE TRIP!! (to Pensacola ward building). Close enough, right?

Love y'all, sweet followers!

-Sister Laura Cooper

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