Monday, November 18, 2013


A swing into Winter, that's what this week is.

Have I mentioned that DeFuniakans love Christmas.

Because they do.

Lake DeFuniak has been laced with approximately 200 different light up figures. (I'll send home some pics, hopefully they end up somewhere y'all can see them soon). Everyone wants Thanksgiving to be over so that somebody can light up all the little figures and swing little DeFuniak right in to full-on Santa-Reindeer-Nativity-Poinsettia-Penguin mode all the while it is still tropical raining. All of this confusion as to what month it is has

1) Irritated my sinuses and made me sick
2) Caused me to break the social construct that suggests that I shouldn't be listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving. I am currently obsessed with this one random song on the MoTab Christmas CD I have. It's called the Sussex Carol. I'm sure one of you musical people will want to get on me for calling that probable classic a random song. If you want to express your grievance, my email is 

Thanks. ;)

OH. Side thought. We tracted into a member this week who had accidentally not transferred their records to the DeFuniak ward when they moved. Heh. Found. She's got rowdy twin boys who she thinks won't be welcome at church, but for real, if anyone does not want to meet twin two year olds right now, say "I". See, silence.

What is something spiritual I can share with y'all? In personal study this morning, I was looking up "Peace of God" in the topical guide, trying to figure how to be more peaceful. Try looking it up yourself. The answer in the scriptures is clear--serve and be obedient! Hearken to the spirit and the commandments of God. They cannot lead you to be unsettled or afraid. They only lead to "peace in this life and eternal life in the world to come".

Obedience, yo.

Love y'all,
Sister Laura Cooper

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Seven Full Time Missionaries

A lot has happened this week. Mostly, a lot happened this past weekend! Yesterday we had our ward fast for The Rescue. This ward has apparently been praying for missionaries to help them since long before Sister Bennion and I got here. They've had two elders in the ward for a long time, and it just wasn't enough to cover the 60 mile North-South boundary. (That's no joke, 60 miles long, and probably 30 wide makes up our ward). So after they all prayed for more they got us. Then they kept praying and along came the Habels. Then as of this last transfer, the DeFuniak Elders became a trio and thus we have SEVEN full time missionaries for this little backwoods ward.

So after the fast yesterday, we all went to the highest point in Florida, Lakewood Park, 324 feet elevation (it's in DeFuniak!!) and had a dedicatory prayer over the area. It was pretty neat. This sweet little ward. They deserve good missionary work. We are doing our best.

I don't think I'll have time to send pictures home this week. :( But I will eventually get y'all pics of the Lakewood Park sign and the members of our ward all posed around it. Also, you all see Howell's ALF... ask my parents about that one if you must know hehe. Basically, the set for DeFuniak Death Trap, the horror movie. Yep. If that existed. That's where it would happen lol. 

I love y'all and talk to ya soon!

-Sister Laura Cooper