Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Welcome to the Mission Blog!

Dear People,

It is currently 3 months and 3 weeks until the mish, but I am posting today because...

a) I wanted to make sure I started one of these before things get crazy.
b) I really don't wanna study for my Chem 107 exam. (not to worry though, I will after I finish this!)

So this will be the blog to watch for updates from me during me during the mission. That is notice the slight rhyming scheme. Follow it. :) Or else crazy glue that name inside your head or something.

So I figure today would be a good day to write about the call. The call. It was like, gosh, two weeks ago. But in case anyone who doesn't know me ever finds this blog, which they should because all of friends will love my blogging so much they will not be able to restrain sharing on Facebook, I guess I should tell the whole story of the day. It was Thursday, but I guess the story starts a bit earlier-- when I put my papers in three weeks earlier. Three weeks. Not two. Three. ._. Not only had it been three weeks already, but the night before, my newsfeed suddenly flooded mission calls from all around Heritage Halls. And no such package for me. (The calls for the week almost always come in a big old bundle on a Wednesday, sometimes a Thursday, but always together. You know you your call has arrived when you get this email like "New Package at the Central Building!").

So I went to bed on Wednesday night just praying that I would somehow end up with a slightly delayed in addition to the week delay before... mission call.

Thursday morning I woke up about 15 minutes after my alarm. I quickly got ready, skipped breakfast, and ran off to my 8 am religion class. I barely had a moment to decide that I had a good feeling about that day, but I did a bit. Anyway, I got to New Testament and took notes and all that, then I headed back to the apartment. I usually had Asian Humanities at 9:30, but it was cancelled. So I walked back to Heritage to chill until my next class at 12.

Chill I did not.

I got home, changed into more comfortable clothes, and I made a peanut butter and sugar sandwich for breakfast. As I sat down to eat, I realized I hadn't checked my phone all day. So, I'm finishing breakfast when I unlock my phone, see email alerts and... New Package at the Central Building

I ran around the apartment and then the floor, looking for someone to come with me and take pictures. Duh, everyone is in class. I run down a floor and hear voices out of one apartment. So I knock on the door like "does anyone here want to run to the Central Building with me to get my call and take pictures..." and one person there is like "I'm waiting for mine too." I was like "check your email", and within like 15 seconds, she's like... RUN. WE ARE GOING TO THE CENTRAL BUILDING.

So we ran. As we did, I learned her named was Kalissa. She'd been waiting a week and a half and I was like lucky freakin freaker. So basically, ran into the Central Building. Found the only receptionist having a lengthy phone conversation. Employee I ended up asking to record it was like... O.o what is exciting about you staring at a lady on the phone...

Finally, she hung up, me and Kalissa grabbed our calls... Only I am in this pic, but... yes Kalissa is real.

And... then I went home and stared at it for a while, took it to class, wore this dress while cleaning the apartment, then came 7:30 and it went a bit like this....

Yowza, it's getting late, but I must respond to this video ^. I know the right place for me to preach the Gospel is none other than Tallahassee, Florida. I can't wait to share what truly brings joy to my life. Write y'all soon!

--Sister Laura Cooper

If you're reading this, and your having a call party at any point in your life, heed this advice. You will be looking at a paper, not at the crowd, and when it's all over you may have no idea who was there. So don't stress if Good Friend A can't make it. They'll understand and like your status all the same. Oh, and three week calls are just as good as two week ones. :)