Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Concentrated Crazy

Usually, a missionary's whole week is filled with crazy. I think this week has been pretty slow, and run of the mill though, for most of it. The exception was when the Sister Trainers came to check out the area. That's when the crazy broke loose.

We had zone conference during the morning and afternoon. Lots of good stuff and lots of repeated stuff as usual. We found out that like 80% of people who say the go to church go once a month or less. So that is why we have problems with people saying that they will be a church and then they aren't. They are waiting a month I guess.

I had to bring my bike to the zone conference because my brake was getting loose and causing me to slide all about. No fun. But then it got fixed by one of the APs. After the conference, me and Sister Lloyd split, and I took one of the Sister Trainers, a long-time buddy of mine, Sister Dyches, back to Brewton. We strapped both of our bikes onto our not-so-nice bike rack, and were very much avoided as we bounced through bumper-to-bumper Pensacola traffic.

Glad we didn't have any bike missile action that day.

Once back in Brewton we biked over to see Renee and teach her a new member lesson. When we got there her ex-husband told us she was in the hospital, but that we could teach him instead. So we did. On the porch. With the golf-ball sized buggies. Sister Dyches thought he was a nonmember the whole time because of his long beard. Mormons are funny...

During that ride, I also managed to pop one of my tires, and we couldn't use the bikes we worked so hard to bring, for the rest of the exchange.

Then we went wandering and talk to this guy "Salvador" and his little children on bikes. Oh to be a Spanish sister for a few minutes every couple of weeks lol. It's an adventure.

Next morning, before we traded back, we taught a lesson to this random contact we had from a few weeks back and let's just say we might not be able to go into that house anymore... For many reasons, including the fact that the smoke in there made me feel a little loopsy the rest of the day.... #sketch

So that's basically the concentrated crazy. The Lord is definitely trying to teach us something because straaaaange things are hap'nin.

I hope you all had a happy mothers day and that your mommies are doing well. :) Talking to my mother and other mother figures was the best!

-Sister Laura Cooper 

Me and Sister Lloyd doing some volunteer work with the Historical Society.

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