Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Some Nights

I've probably mentioned this before, but I'll review. In the mission, 8 to 9 p.m. is "Miracle Hour". It's so awesome! Every time we walk outside at that time, we without fail meet someone who is ready to hear the restored gospel. Usually they come in large familial groups and don't find it strange at all that we are wandering around in the dark and wet coastal night. No I'm not just saying this because I'm sitting next to one of our zone leaders right now.......
Okay, just kidding to all of that... except the fact that 8 to 9 is Miracle Hour and I am sitting next to our zone leaders but luckily they are not creepin' on my email right now haha.
But truly, we have been trying our hardest this week to stay out that late, and honestly, most nights the miracle is the part where we get to run inside, turn on all the lights, and get in pajamas. Most nights no one is outside to talk to us, and if they are, they think we are loony. 
Yeah, "most nights, I don't know anymore!" <---- (Fun Lyrics, as closely as my missionary brain can remember them. Hopefully someone gets the reference!)
But "some nights I....!" Oh, I give up, I've been on my mission to long to remember the song... you know what I am going for haha. Some nights miracles do happen.
And as for all the other times, day and night alike, miracles happen as well. But most of the time the miracles aren't finding super prepared people, teaching a spirit-bursting lesson, or even getting inside a friendly home. The biggest miracle that comes from the mission, I've been told, and I am increasingly observing, is the miracle of becoming more Christlike. Every hard moment leads to more diligence, humility, faith, and hope. I think that's what Miracle Hour is really going for.
As that has been happening, we have been blessed with a few easier moments this week. Like on Tuesday night we visited a less-active lady, and her friend came over and discussed the church with us for half an hour, then told us we can visit her and her boyfriend anytime. What can I say, sometimes the challenges are totally, visibly worth it!
I'm realizing I have not really discussed my week in this post. Here's a bit about the week. I finished the Old Testament yesterday and have moved on to the New Testament. I'm trying to be at Luke 2 and 3 Nephi 1 by Christmas. I just love the Nephite Christmas story! :) That's about all I have time for today! Happy Thanksgiving!
-Sister Laura Cooper

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