Sunday, November 2, 2014

20 Kids and a Bounce House

Back in DeFuniak Springs, I thought that there isn't really a population of children in backwoodsy towns. I recently realized that I was mistaken. It most certainly depends on the woods you live in. Here, everyone who's anyone has a little child in their arms or holding their hands or roaming the building. Granted, the family trees here can be a little more curled up a branch in all directions than the trees in some other places, but as for little ones, they are not in short supply.

That was made evident at the Fall Festival (not trunk or treat! Not enough people? Too many trucks instead of cars? I don't know why). Lots of people from Brewton and Jay made it there, including the part member family we are teaching-- the Morelys. They have a daughter and a baby boy, and the daughter went nuts over the little 2 person bounce house that someone decided to blow up.

The bounce house was only about 3 feet high and could fit one young child comfortably and 2 young children if they wanted to hold hands and bounce, but guess what... the kids all ate sugar and before we knew it there were 5 children the bounce house, ranging from toddlers to 10 year olds. They had the thing like sunk to the ground, but somehow still managed to make the poor little thing the highlight of the evening. Investigator kids, less-active family kids, recent convert kid (Britney!), and the regular member kids in the branch got to know each other in the brawl of the bounce house. I thought it was a fun and cliché but wonderful missionary moment demonstrated by the little ones.

As far as traditional missionary work this week (haha) we've started teaching the Plan of Salvation to Billy and he loves it. I used to think that people would just naturally have the questions that the Plan of Salvation answers, but it seems like most of the time, people don't really think about it until missionaries or someone else brings it up. The Bowlers brought a video to Billy's lesson that they wanted to watch with him. It went through a few different questions that the Plan of Salvation can answer. It started great discussion of what he hadn't been taught about in his Baptist upbringing, and what he did learn about, but didn't have the why of it. We are excited to teach the rest of it to him. He's expressed interest in the after death part, and how we believe in another chance for the dead. Should be some great discussion ahead.

In other news, our apartment is currently being inspected for leaks because of a mushroom that popped up out of our shower wall. True story. We might have to live with the Jay Sisters, which is not a very fun sleepover when we still need to work in Brewton. Hopefully it's for a day or less. Don't worry, I can still get mail in Brewton. Write away. ;)

Love ya peeps!

-Sister Laura Cooper

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