Thursday, November 13, 2014

Neah Var Ray!

I don't know about you, but when I look at the word Navarre, I can't help but think it should be pronounced Neah (rhyming with the baby sound... that's the best way I can describe it). Var. Ray.
But it's not. It's Nah Var.

This has troubled me my whole mission.
What a precursor.
But indeed here I am in Navarre, FL. I have heard much about this place through my companion, Sister Smith, who served here, and because the zone leaders and a lot of the P-Cola Stake Leadership is here. It's a lovely town by the beach, much much much different than what I'm used to. I tell y'all, I am country folk now. I don't like the traffic, or the baby noises in church. Just having a church building was enough to get used to for me!
But even country folk can't resist the beautiful Navarre Beach! As a plus, the missionary work here is going really well. We are working with many people, especially part member families. (Part Members to work with are something that I really missed). We are helping an awesome lady quit drinking so she can get baptized in January. Sister Seegrist is a great companion, and is very bold and not shy for a newer missionary. :) We are just working on teaching together, and she wants help in using the scriptures, which I just love to dig up scriptures for everything, so that makes a good match.
The ward here is very supportive. I think I'm gonna like it here! (Annie reference, anyone?) Sorry this is short. Darn these stingy libraries and their timed computers. I'm going to have to start working on my blog the night before! I love y'all! Stay well and stay spiritual!
-Sister Laura Cooper

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