Saturday, November 22, 2014


This week, we honed our skills at our best contacting approach...
"Hi, how are you! I'm Sister Cooper! We see that you, like us have lost your mind and are out wandering the streets in the damp cold muggy swamp weather. Do you want to talk about Jesus? Maybe family history..?"
Yeahhh... Or something like that.
I had the wonderful opportunity these week to get more acquainted with Navarre. I said last week in my letters home that I had fulfilled my two secret mission wishes. First, I wanted to be a campus sister, which I did for one day in Niceville, at our family history booth on NWFSC. Second, I wanted to train a new missionary, which I did for a week with Sister Seegrist. I failed to mention one other secret wish, that I've had ever since the day I received the Florida Tallahassee Mission map in the mail at BYU. I saw that there were some islands included in the mission and I was like... I want to go there!
Little did I know that those islands are not areas that missionaries are assigned to. Missionaries are assigned to wards and branches, not islands. But lo and behold, I got a chance to proselyte on an island this week because there is one in the Navarre area. It's where we went for beach day a while back, but there's also some neighborhoods there, and one less active we can go see. So there was another dream fulfilled!
I am getting used to all the normal, but foreign parts of being in a ward. My stomach is expanding again, and is not longer satisfied to eat dry cereal for dinner. (yep, I'm admitting what I did sometimes in Brewton). We have lots of member support, young families who have the energy to be involved, and lots and lots of streets to contact on. We met a cool new investigator by contacting this week. We will see where that goes. She is a middle-aged lady taking care of her adult son who has a brain injury. She is looking for God to be more a part of her life, in fact, she was praying when we walked up to her. 
Our district leader has challenged us to try to talk to people even in the most awkward situations this week. I think we can do it! I'll find some scriptural promises we can hope for in doing this.
"If ye shall interrupt someone riding a riding lawn mower, ye shall have eternal life"
Shoot, I can't find the reference for that. 
I've been feeling really inspired by the song, "If the Savior Stood Beside Me" lately. It's hard to remember he's walking with us everywhere we go, but it's true! And how much better would we be if we could see it. So I'm going to keep that in mind while we prowl the streets and teach the lessons this week.
Have a sweet one, followers!
-Sister Laura Cooper 

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