Saturday, November 8, 2014

Collards and Primary Songs

Well, happy followers, my long ride in Brewton, Alabama is coming to an end this week. Due to the change to secret transfers, I have no idea where I am going or who I will be companions with, but I will know by Wednesday! It's going to obviously be a bittersweet ending, and a big adventure (all the clichés you can think of).

Sister Lloyd is going home in a few days and I'm moving out of the area, so two new sisters are coming here. That will be quite the challenge, considering the uniqueness of this area, but I'm sure it's inspired. I don't know if they will believe us at transfer spots if we get the chance to tell them that we meet in the Civic Center for church and are a group.

Halloween week led to some special proselyting... going tracting in dress down shirts. We handed out cards with candy and guess what... no one rejected them hehe. Brewton folks are smart. We met a lady that wanted to visit our church and find out what we have for the children. We were kind of like... we have everything but a source of children! But she is interested in checking it out and bringing like 4 kids so hooray if that happens. Something for the new sisters to follow up with.

We helped at the Library with the Halloween Fair, with me on the face paint again. Lots of strange paint requests for Halloween and many many requests for sparkles, even by boys. I think my favorite was the child who asked for a red dog with pink spots and sparkles. Kids and their creativity!

Yesterday was really good, even though it was really cold and I was plagued with a headache all day. Britney and Vicki both bore their testimonies, and they invited us over for dinner so they could say good bye to sister Lloyd. The Dad, James, cooked up a big southern meal of fried chicken, collards, cornbread, and a little peppered rice. Minus the rice, that is the exact same meal I had when I entered the mission field. It's like the go to meal here.

After dinner we practiced Britney's lines and songs for the Primary Program. It was a little cliché, but I have to admit there was a special spirit getting to sing the primary songs by the fire with this family, some of my favorite people I met on my mission. I sure will miss them.

Even though we weren't supposed to find out about transfers until this morning, the zone leaders called last night at like 10 and told us. I like these zone leaders. They get the info out. So I was not expecting to just be meandering around the apartment and all of the sudden have Sister Lloyd be like on the phone with the zls and telling me I'm leaving. Saved me the drama of the waiting through studies though haha!

I'll let you know next week where I'm at. Until then, peace and blessings to you!

-Sister Laura Cooper

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