Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Primary Push

We return to the story of the littlest investigator. It's getting better by the day. Britney's energy and childlike love for the Gospel is helping her Mom get ready to be fully into the church, and in turn is letting Vickie help Britney get baptized. Vickie has righteous desires and is very humble. She has always wanted to be at church, but I think that the push of a little child being like "I want to go to church with you!" has made the biggest difference. Britney has even been working on her nonmember Dad haha. He doesn't believe in organized religion really, but he strongly believes that if you unite yourself with a church you should be faithful to it, so he wants Vickie and Britney to keep going.

I have a few other random stories to tell about the week. We helped out at the library again for the Summer Reading thing. This week it was a magic show. I love a service project that involves us seeing a magic show! We mostly just take pictures for them, and help move the furniture around. But this week I got to be the leader of singing BINGO before the magic show started. Getting the badge out there in creative ways? check.

Also Brewton, Alabama made one major step towards becoming Mormonville, AL. I think we might have to compete with Monroeville to get that actual name, but nevertheless, we have a store now called "THE MODEST CLOSET", which sells basically maxi skirts and cute shoes. We're actually pretty sure that it's owned by the local Pentecost church (the kind of Pentecost that is around Brewton is very conservative-- we see lots of and lots of entire families with mom and all the daughters dressed in skirts everyday.) But hey someone is sharing our sentiment of not enough modest clothes. Common ground I say. We are shopping there the moment we get out of this library. :D It just opened on Saturday. We couldn't shop there because it wasn't P-Day, but we totally walked by and talked to the owners, and then picked up some opening day barbeque. I like that place already. I'm looking forward to another good week. Transfers come out soon. What is your guess, my followers? 6-more weeks of Boonies for me?

 -Sister Laura Cooper

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