Monday, June 23, 2014

As a Little Child

Brewton had an exciting moment this week as our littlest investigator finally helped her less active mom overcome whatever was holding her back, and come to church again. Britney (the little one) always reminds me of why the scriptures say that we need to come unto Christ like little children. We teach her the basics of the Gospel, and even though she doesn't understand everything as deeply, and even though she can only read the Book of Mormon like one verse at a time, she wants to lead her family toward the Church. She's so cool and we are excited for Britney and her mom as well.

We'll be having a little 4th of July Weekend baptism at the crick! Yep, since Brewton doesn't have a building to meet in, and Jay's church building doesn't have a baptismal font, we can either drive with everybody down to Milton like last time, or we can do it in the creek by the Civic Center. We totally are going creek style this time. Hopefully there won't be too many swimmers and barbequers out. We might have to do it at some weird time like 10 am or something so that the partiers will maybe still be in bed.

There is a rumor going around that Brewton is becoming a branch. We need a certain number of priesthood holders and a couple of the recent convert males are progressing in their priesthood. I don't know how we will function without Jay, but I guess if the Lord thinks we can... Haha. We have started mentally staffing our group. We've got some solid potential Primary and Young Women's Presidents. We aren't sure who our Branch Mission Leader would be though and that's important to us!

For the fun news of the week two things happened. One, me and Sister Lloyd found a Duck Pond in Brewton. It's hiding out behind the community college and has just the ugliest ducks. Second, we went to the Alabama Blueberry Festival, which was actually a non blueberry themed craft fair, but fun nonetheless. And we got to meet awesome beekeepers from DeFuniak there. :)

Peace out followers!

-Sister Laura Cooper

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