Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Break the Sicky Shell (from July 14th)

Well, most of what I've written to my own family this week has been about how sick everyone in my district (including sister Lloyd and I) have been. But the good news is we have as of late been able to leave the apartment, get some fresh air, and get feeling better. Maybe it was partly blurry heads from sickness, but we decided to spend a couple of hours just straight contacting and tracting. I had to door approach and older teenage (like maybe 17 year old girl) which is always the most awkward thing to happen at a door, because you never know at that age whether they are 18 and living independently, or if you should ask for their parents. But she said to come back and meet her family, so hopefully that will turn out okay. :P

The few people who said we could come back probably makes up the highlight of my week. Some of the week I don't remember because I was in a mind fog. Our volunteering with the library was all about firetrucks this week. But that was on one of my knocked out days, so I was like "hahahaha TRUCK LOL big red truck big red truck.".

Hope this week goes better and that this craziness does not spread to all of Brewton. Sorry for the short blog post this week. There really isn't much to talk about. We are excited to get fully back to work though! It's gonna be a great week.

-Sister Laura Cooper

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