Wednesday, July 9, 2014


As a stateside missionary, I didn't think I would ever get to know the kind of missionary work where the Elders are the only priesthood holders in town half the time, we don't have a church building, and we baptize in natural bodies of water. But Brewton has proved me wrong!

This week I had a mission highlight-- a baptism in the creek! Britney, the famous littlest investigator, was baptized 2 days ago, with her nonmember dad and grandpa there. She's a great little missionary. She's invited her dad to church like every sunday. He doesn't believe in organized religion, but supports his wife and daughter. He believes that if you do join a religion, you have to mean it. So he is very proud of Britney. I do hope we can teach him at some point.

At the baptism, we had talks on baptism and the holy ghost of course. Britney liked them, but whenever the speaker would ask her a question, she would try to throw them for a curve ball haha. Like one of the speakers said "your parents aren't perfect, but your heavenly father is." and she was like "yes they are!". Basically just to give the speaker a hard time. She is a firecracker. That's for sure. She was an appropriate baptism to have on 4th of July Weekend.

The creek dip made her real cold, but she really enjoyed it. She wants to keep going and get others going along with her in the Gospel. Heck yeah.

Also we found out this morning that me and sister Lloyd, and actually our whole district are all staying another transfer here together. That's pretty sweet! I'm glad we get to stay and keep the Elliott journey going. I don't know why this is the area the Lord wants me to stay in for a long time, but it is and I'm down for that.

We've got to go have a coordination meeting with the relief society president now at Huddle House. 6 more weeks of boonies again. Sweet goodness haha. We have an adventure ahead of us. Love ya, followers!

-Sister Laura Cooper

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