Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Street Life

Our week essentially began with Zone Training on Tuesday morning. Zone training constitutes of a bunch of missionaries getting together and talking about the theory of missionary work and then acting it out. It's too much sitting for little restless me, so sometimes I'm known to be a little bit rambunctious but this time I didn't even get in trouble for anything. :D :D
We watched a good Mormon Message called The Wrong Road or something. The Zone Leaders really had to stretch to make it fit. We are pretty sure they just wanted to show the video so they came up with this presentation about how if we don't meet our goals we were just on the wrong road but now we know the right one. Oh dear.
Most of the rest of the training was on street contacting and using family history. One set of sister trainers told us we should spend between half an hour to two hours on the streets everyday talking to new people.  President Smith has asked us to mostly use the family history approach. We decided to give this finding time thing a try (especially since we were going on exchanges the next day, and we wouldn't want to be caught disobeying their counsel hehe). And even though we didn't get to teach that many lessons, we felt so accomplished just getting out there and giving everyone a chance. Lots of people are curious about what we are up to, and are usually just happy to hear that we are not selling anything or teaching something of the devil. We talked to a few people on this one street (who are all kin to one another) and this family is just very friendly and they want to know about family history!  We love people who want to know about family history. Seems like our leaders are kind of inspired! (Guess I can't rebel then...) JK rebellion is bad and I don't want to do that. :)
This week I will hit my year mark. That makes me one old missionary. :( But I can't be having frowny face over that because that is an important milestone! My farewell get together was a year ago today. *insert clichés about how fast it's gone*
It's been an awesome year. They say the last six months is time to shine. Bring it.

-Sister Laura Cooper

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