Sunday, February 2, 2014

Transfer 5 Will Be Another Nice One

You know what that means! I'm staying in Niceville until March at least. So is Sister Milne. We are getting an Elder in this area named Elder Smellie! Yes, pronounced just like "smelly". I think. Maybe I'm just making that up, but everyone knows him calls him Elder Smelly.

So I am super excited for that new thing happening here. Haha just for the name. 

In President Smith's email this week he talked about our 2014 mission theme, to become a missionary of uncommon valor. I feel like it's an awesome mission theme because the mission is the perfect place to face fear and gain valor. When we walk up to someone on the street, we never know if they are going to be like "false prophets! go to hell! i don't care!" or "yeah, I actually want to join a church soon, but haven't looked around much yet!" and sometimes I just don't know what to say to anyone, but through the daily power of the Atonement, fear can be slowly replaced with faith. Slowly haha, but definitely possible.

Working after dark can't take us, and neither can opening our mouths.

Happy Transfers to my mission people, and mostly just have a sweet week everyone! I love y'all!

-Sister Cooper

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