Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Missionary Work 9 Days a Week

Welcome back, my people! P Day for us is today (wednesday) this week because of a sweet family history event we did on Monday. I had this funny experience at the event. We were working inside the Valparaiaso Library and couldn't exactly reach out and holler at people to come talk to us, but we could walk around quietly and invite people to our family history booth. So this guy comes in and sits down with a book. I wanted to talk to him so I kind of sneaked up and didn't know what to say, but suddenly he was like "Are you selling something?" and I was like "No we are giving people free family history help" and he just sat there pondering for a few seconds and then was like "Let's do it!!" and then me and sister milne took him through FamilySearch for like half an hour and he said he would come to our class and learn more haha.
So that's the contacting story for this week. Look awkward and people want to talk about the gospel. Y'all may have also heard that this mission froze over this week. That is true. A little ice and the whole south shut down. No one left their houses, literally every kind of work except for emergency services was closed for the day (the air force base, the schools, the stores, the restaurants--all closed) We went out and worked, but only for half of the day, when the President gave us permission.
Yesterday I had a cool spiritual experience actually! Some thing was given to me in the very moment to be meted unto every man, as they say. When we were teaching someone who didn't really understand why our message matters, or why we were there, it came to me to ask her what it would mean to her if the church Christ established was back on Earth and she ignored the question and went off on some tangent about teaching kids to tell the truth, and then Sister Milne asked the same question again and she actually thought about it and she is going to read the Book of Mormon to check it out! Sweetness. Thanks Spirit. You're a boss.
I love you sweet followers. Be awesome.
<3 Sister Laura Cooper

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