Saturday, January 18, 2014


Niceville is a place of nice people. There is a sign that says "Nice folks, nice town, have a nice time" in the city center. I agree with all of that, however, I'm pretty sure they should just call this place "Youngville".
Everybody in town is a young, cute family, or a bachelor. Bachelors are fun to teach. Sometimes we get really interested, open minded bachelors, and sometimes we get young guys who want to meet up sometime, and maybe go bowling or to the lake, but hey that's what it's like in Youngville, and it's all good.
Now that my companion is a twenty-something, I really feel like we can get around in Niceville.
This week one of our bachelor friends got started on the Book of Mormon and came to all three hours of church. That was awesome.
We also had a crazy experience with another bachelor when we were eating lunch at chick fil a. If y'all have been there lately, you know that they have little metal poles that you stick a card on so the server can bring your food to you. Well we stuck a card in there and our server said he wanted to meet with us and ask questions. He did and it was fun. He said he would love a Book of Mormon, which is not a common response. :)
Another benefit of young people is babies. Just saying. We can't hold babies, so I just give them stickers instead. If anyone has a sticker they want to put on a baby in Niceville, send them please. :D
Everybody have a great week and be obedient forever. :)
-Sister Laura Cooper

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