Sunday, February 2, 2014


This week in district meeting we started a new program that came from "an apostle or something" (where new things always come from haha)
It's called the experiment. We teach less-active members all of the lessons "for practice" and ask them to do the same commitments "for practice" and suddenly they are reading their scriptures and coming to church and things--awesome. This is new this week, but it's already helped some people in our area read their scriptures. :D
There are more cool missionary experiments happening in this area. There's church tours, family history booths, working on Northwest Florida State College (I've always wanted to be a campus sister!!) I'm excited about it. We are supposed to be an iPad mission too, but so far no.
I read something awesome this morning in Mosiah 14 an 15. Jesus-packed Book of Mormon chapters, yes please. :) Isaiah is not so bad after all, thanks to Abinadi.
Got to watch my mission president on TV this week and that is pretty sweet. I guess him and his wife once got lost on a boat in the Marshall Islands and when she started singing ''Master the tempest is raging" he started singing Gilligan's Island.
Missions are cool haha.
Love y'all! Peace.
-sister laura cooper

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