Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bible Thumping

This week some truly southern things came to pass. Me and Sister Bennion went park contacting using a family history approach and we accidentally crashed a Southern Baptist Youth Rally where we met Pastor Ben and Reverend Woods. They are both interested in Family History and they want to come to our center. But they also want us to come to their youth rallies haha. They said that they "seen one girl get saved here just the other day!" Man, I wish I could have seen that. It's on my mission bucket list to have someone say they just got saved while we are teaching them. I checked off one thing on the mission bucket list this week. "Have my Bible thumped"

Know what I'm talking about? The Southerners sometimes will preach and get so excited that when they mention The Bible or The Word of God or whatnot they will just like SMACK their Bible. Yeah, so yesterday I got my Bible thumped by a less active we were teaching who was on a rant about how the only word we need is contained in THIS BOOK and she smacked my scriptures that were sitting on the table. Too bad it's a quad not a Bible like she thought and so by doing that she was agreeing with us haha! 

Sister Cooper

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