Thursday, October 24, 2013

I Caught a Toad

This week passed quickly and a week from now I will know the fate of the next six weeks! Ha, I get transfer jitters real early. Me and Sister Bennion made this plan. Those of you who have ever seen the Preach my Gospel DVDs aka The District, which I mentioned last week, know that when Elder Walkenhorst leaves the MTC, he and his little roommates sing the Spanish version of God Be With You Til We Meet Again-- Para Siempre Dios Este en Vos. They only sing the chorus on the DVD though, which amounts to HASTA VEEEEEEEEER, HASTA VEEEEEER. HASTA VER NOS CON EL REYHasta ver. 

And repeat.

Basically. Ha. Well, me and Sister Bennion have this plan that if anyone gets transferred in a week, right before we leave to drop the victim off in Crestview, we turn on the Preach my Gospel DVD on our little DVD player and we just BELT OUT some hasta vers. This will become a tradition among me and my companions. 

Laughs laughs... but as for this past week, we had some great times doing service! 

That's when I caught the toad of which I speak. We helped Patty and Sam, a part member couple that's been together for like 12 years, to get ready for their wedding next month. I worked with Sam to clear the side of the house of piled up weeds and wood pieces while sister bennion weed whacked the rest of the yard. There were so many critters under all that green junk. Since I was wearing garden gloves, I got to catch'm in peace. :)))) 

Yesterday at church we had a bunch of people come who haven't been in years! The work in DeFuniak is warming up quickly, my friends! :)

Love you all! Talk next week!

Sister Laura Cooper

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