Monday, September 23, 2013

Rain Out

This week the major story is The Festival. DeFuniak is so small. Y'all don't even know. It's so small, and no one has much to do haha. Soooo, one of the only hobbies people have is studying the history of 1) DeFuniak 2) Their families. That's where we come in haha. So Sister Bennion worked to get us a booth in the Fall Heritage Festival happening downtown. It was super exciting because the DeFuniak Heritage Foundation just loooooves genealogy and they put us in like the best booth spot. The mission president got crazy excited about it, and he and the office elders sent us all of the finding through family history supplies the mission has. We got the Habels and their iPad, plus a wireless printer from the mission set up to have people printing four generations charts and everything.

Wait, it gets better. So every week at district meeting, every district in the mission connects onto one conference call. The mission president was SO excited about our family history booth that he had the district leader hand off the phone to me and sister bennion and talk to the entire mission about our efforts.

Well, I just got told to leave the library computer soooo I'll come out and say where this is going. Saturday. Day of the festival. We got set up all pretty as you can see in the picture and then.

It. POOOOOUUUUURED rain!! We only got to be open for like 20 minutes, but it was going so well that we decided to get a booth at the county fair and just figure how to apologize for letting down the entire mission....

Hm haha. 

Well, good to talk to y'all. Talk more soon!
-Sister Cooper

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