Monday, October 7, 2013

Splits, Storms, Thomas (S!) Monson

Did y'all see the storm?! I was in that! We were getting texts for a while about being evacuated and to shop for 72 hour kits, but it never happened. And now I'm eating out of my 72 hour kit even though I totally have access to other food... I think I need someone to send me some less appealing food storage. Let it be known though, that Sister Cooper has now been in a hurricane-- Hurricane Karen.
This week Sister Bennion and I went on splits with Sister Trainer Leaders, which means that I got to have my first ever day of conducting missionary work without the help of my trainer. It went pretty good! I made sure we biked everywhere so that it took extra time, thereby leaving us with less time so that we wouldn't run out of things to do. Don't tell Sister Leifson haha! I'm glad we did that though. We got to see a few less-actives in town, plus one investigator who wouldn't stop talking... I got to learn from Sister Leifson how to politely, but firmly, get someone to shush. :)
Okay, okay, CONFERENCE! Wasn't it great? Funny story first, then spiritual talk. :) Since I'm sure the rumors have already spread from sea to shining sea, I'll just admit it. Me and Sister Bennion went to the Priesthood Session at the chapel, and watched it live in the company of priesthood holders. We don't regret it haha, it was great!! The Sister Trainers were not happy when they heard, but let's be real, we got to hear two more hours of the living prophet and apostles. I would like to share with y'all my favorite thought from President Uchtdorf's talk in that session.
I loved the story President Uchtdorf told about falling down when skiing with his grandson, and how he felt like he couldn't get up on his own. When his grandson simply told him "you can do it now", he stood up immediately. President Uchtdorf spoke on how the adversary can confuse us about who we are, what we desire, why we follow the commandments, and, most powerfully, he can confuse us into thinking when we fall that falling is our destiny. We know though that our destiny is a glorious one, and that we reach it as we walk lovingly in the path of discipleship, and as we rise up more times than we fall.
So, my happy followers, rise up this week, and show Satan who's boss.

I love you each.
-Sister Cooper

Out at Twin Lakes, biking to see some less-active people :)


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