Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Saw It On The District Once

Our dear friend Morgan was baptized this week! We've been teaching her for 10 weeks, and she got like one lesson from missionaries before us. She's 18, super sweet, and just LOVES missionary work. She's a keeper, haha! So I guess I'd say that was the highlight of my week. :) Also, it was definitely the most stressful and time consuming thing that happened this week. There are just so many loose ends to tie up to make a nice baptism with a fully prepared future convert, and neither me nor Sister Bennion had ever done it before. She started her mission only six weeks before me, so neither of us had even had someone accept a baptismal date before Morgan. So basically we've been figuring out how to get someone to the waters of baptism together for the last two months. Cool haha.

On Saturday we had the baptism set for five pm, then President Smith scheduled me and Sister Bennion to have interviews right before, at 4 and 4:15. So we get there at four, and the Ward Mission Leader is scrambling because he doesn't exactly know how to have a baptism, a couple ward members are hanging out with random food and things for the event, Morgan and her boyfriend's family are hanging out, writing talks and preparing musical numbers, the Elders are there trying to explain how to do a baptism/ laughing at the chaos, and the mission president is there. And this is all happening in like 10 square feet of space between the primary room and the baptismal font. And me and Sister Bennion are like scrambling because we have no idea what running a baptism is like, plus we are trading off who is in interviews, and basically what I'm saying is... we did not know what to do, but if everyone is familiar with THE DISTRICT, which is a missionary training video series, you will know what I'm talking about when I say we were basically just going off what we saw once on The District. xD Everything worked out alright though (except the mission president had us explain our attendance at Priesthood Session of Conference; that was kinda awkward), but ultimately we had a great, uplifting service, and President and Sister Smith got to be there.

So, now we know haha! Love you, my blog reading fiends (yes, fiends). 

Sister Laura Cooper

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