Monday, January 19, 2015

I've Seen an Apostle... and Tallahassee too!

The secret is out! Elder Andersen of the 12 came to our mission and we all got to meet him. He inspired me to have the faith to do more miracles. :) The drive out there was long and boring! There is nothing to see between here and Tallahassee except a bunch of trees and little towns with grocery stores and gas stations. It's pretty crazy though that I'm serving in the Florida Tallahassee Mission and I'm almost done and I have seen Tallahassee only twice. The first time was when when I flew in to the Tallahassee airport, and the second time was just now. The third time will be flying home haha.

Elder Andersen answered questions missionaries had on the subjects of faith, self control, miracles, and agency. Somehow he made that all into one talk. He spent a long time talking about D&C 97:8, which I really like now. I've been studying on keeping covenants, and that scripture tied it together for me. 

On the drive home we stopped in Niceville for some chic fil a. I saw one of my former investigators there. That was awkward. He bashed on Sister Milne and I for like an hour the last time we taught him. I was friendly though... Most of the drive was through this dark, misty tunnel of trees... Again. 

Other excitement of the week... Lots of good stuff happened at church yesterday. Ramon kept the door during the sacrament, and Andrew, another recent convert blessed it. The ward mission leader and I both gave talks on the Spirit I think it was kind of supposed to be like my in field farewell talk. 8O

Also, we were able to get back up with Virginia and Anthony after their vacation. They went to Utah and loved it, especially temple square. Hopefully that inspires them to learn and do more. 

That's the highlights! Gotta split. Love y'all!

-Sister Laura Cooper

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