Sunday, January 18, 2015

Cured of Member-itis

Maybe I have told all y'all before about the strange and non-helpful trait I picked up in the backwoods of Brewton, AL. It's called Member-itis, and it is defined by this feeling I have as a missionary that I don't want to be around active members of the church. It's probably just because I spent like 8 months in a place where everyone was either a recent convert, less-active, or nonmember. I felt like a fish out of water in active members' homes.
Well, I think that is cured now that I've seen the light above the trees. Members are awesome! We had a sweet baptism this week, as expected. I love teaching the Robles' family! (District moment right there). Ernestine and Ramon have looked forward to Ernestine's baptism for several months now and finally it's happened. The members of the Navarre Ward played a really crucial role in their journeys into the church by having them over for dinner, home teaching them, ect. They would never have come this far without members' help.

Ramon is a recent convert, and baptizing Ernestine was his first time using the priesthood. Both of them together in the font, not really sure what to do next earned a place as one of the cutest things I've seen on my mission. While they both changed into their dry clothes, the rest of us watched some mormon messages and we tied them in to the Gospel being a new start. It was sort of impromptu, but I think it worked. Everyone cried so...

Other excitement of the week included Stake Conference. I saw a few members from Jay and Brewton. Some of the conference dragged on and on, but I liked that President and Sister Smith talked at them. President saved it from being a conference all about the ideal ward council... Hooray. We also interviewed with him this week. I discovered that I really needed that interview. He says my companions speak well of me, which I was worried about! I asked him if I can extend my mission since I was training haha. He said it's possible, but not because I already have a plane ticket. Oh well haha.

While waiting for my appointment in Pensacola, I found a new good scripture, spoken about Peter and John, if I'm not mistaken. Acts 5:41. As we witness of Christ and suffer some trials in doing so, we can know that He is counting us worthy to do so. :)

Only like 3 more blog posts. ;( Maybe when I get back I can keep blogging about how I wish I was on the mission! 

-Sister Laura Cooper

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