Friday, January 9, 2015

Companionship Family

Happy New Year, happy followers! How was y'alls testimony meetings? Ours contained several accounts of the year "2013" and how it went. I guess 2014 went by a little too fast for some people. 

Aaaah the adjustment to a trio. I've decided this is helping me get ready for the real world pretty much. Because when I go back to BYU, I'm going to have to adjust to having my world be more than just one person all day everyday.

The change has made for a long week, but I'm enjoying it. Sister Seegrist and Sister Blake are not so much like companions to me as little siblings who are funny and sweet, but leave me exhausted at the end of everyday. They make everything interesting though. I've laughed a ton this week haha. 

We've also had good successes with the work since we've been together. We are going to start teaching the full lessons to a part-member family we have been visiting for a while. We found another person to teach while out walking to a member's house. Her name is Ashley and she's met with missionaries before because she has a member relative, but has forgotten over time exactly what we believe. We get to go back and see her this week.

Oh hey, I gave my farewell testimony at zone training this past tuesday. Oh the horror of that statement. At least it's a 7 week transfer, right? Elder Egbert, one of the Navarre Elders, is the only other one in our zone going home this transfer, and since he's a zone leader, he gave his testimony while up teaching in zone training. So at the end it was just like... "now we'll turn the time over to Sister Cooper." Awkward haha. Most people have a group to go with. Not me...

It's going to be an exciting week ahead. Ernestine is getting baptized this weekend... yay! And we have interviews with President... :O #troubletroubletrouble

Yeah yeah. I'm a little scattered this week. Y'all should watch the Mormon Message "Look Not Behind Thee". I think it's right up there with "He is the Gift" as far as holiday-themed Mormon Messages go. It's New Year's Themed.

Be blessed!

-Sister Laura Cooper

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