Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Prayer Rotation

Preach my Gospel says that we should have daily contact with our investigators for like a week before their baptism. Before I had taught anyone with a baptismal date I thought that was crazy. Then I understood it. Now we are working so overtime on someone that we are in contact like every three hours.

AHHHH. My head might fall off. But it's all good. She is doing good. Sister Smith knows more than I do but she says to take her word for it that our investigator is on a much better path now that she used to be. Every three hours we call and have a prayer with her whole family. It's awkward but missionaries are made for awkward. And it seems to be helping.

I don't know what else to say about this week because I feel like all that I've done is pray... We did get a referral to go up to Castleberry, Alabama (outside our zone) to teach an investigator's sister. Since it was in a random backwoods city that none of the missionaries in that area have even heard of, we got permission to head up into the Mobile North Zone (the only zone in the mission that does not and has never since it's creation last summer had any sister missionaries) and we taught a lesson to a lady in Castleberry! So this may or may not be true be we are just going to say that it's so that Sister Smith and I are currently the only sisters in the mission who have ever taught a lesson in the Mobile North Zone. 

So those are the exciting breakthroughs this week. Also I finished the book of Joshua and started reading Judges. Never read Judges. Violent as heck. Judges 3... about plunging the dagger into the dirt-fat of Eglon. Oh boy hehe.

Hope to have good news about Renee next week. Her baptismal date is Saturday!

Love ya to pieces.

-Sister Laura Cooper

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