Friday, March 21, 2014

Talking up a Storm

I feel like most of my week happened yesterday. Let's see if I can retrace everything else that has happened...

Well, the entire group got together on Monday night to have family home evening. It was cute. Seriously the Brewton group is so cute.

We walked around a ton because we like to look for people outside to talk to instead of trying to pull them out of their houses. We met this lady with a giant house and a bunch of foster teens and we kind of want to baptize the entire family.

Yesterday I was welcomed into the group by being asked to speak in Sacrament for 25 minutes and being asked to teach Young Women's immediately after. So I spoke on Pres Eyring's April '13 Priesthood Session talk "We Are One" about being united in our purpose to bring ourselves and others more fully into the Gospel. There is a promise made in that talk that if we are unified and do all we can to sanctify ourselves and others, that tiny groups (like Brewton) will become wards with caring bishops, stakes of Zion, and that one day upon their hills will be a temple.



Let's do it.

But the craziest thing that happened this week was that during Coordination meeting before church a tornado touched down on the outskirts of Brewton! There was this crazy warm thunderstorm going on and then all the sudden during the meeting, all five missionary phones erupted into "BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" "TORNADO WARNING" "BRRRRRRRRRRRRR" "TAKE SHELTER" "BRRRRRRRRRRR"

I didn't get to see it though because we were in Jay at the time, but it must have been pretty close because the Jay elders and sisters got the same warning as us. So that was pretty exciting. I think it was a small one (Brewton was still there when we got back), but exciting none the less.

Of course, and I'm sure this will impress my dad, after the tornado warning came out, and the branch mission leader suggested we move to the chapel for the meeting, where there wasn't any windows, we all left the relief society room, headed for the chapel.

And all 8 young missionaries (yes, myself included) made a simultaneous detour out the front door to frolick in the pouring rain and high wind and look for the tornado.

Yes, it seems if all of my friends jumped out of a church into a tornado I would do it too. Excellent. :P :D

Love you, my peeps!
-Sister Laura Cooper

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