Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Trios, Duos, and Power Teams

I don't know if I've ever explained my favorite word "SFERS", but, guess what, it's Sfers day. My dear companion Sister Smith is heading deeper into the depths of Alabama to become an Ozark Sister. She is happy for the venturing, but is not so stoked about being in a trio! Hahaha, every sister's worst nightmare is to end up in a trio. ('_') ('_') ('_'). As Sister Smith told me two nights ago, when we were discussing possible transfer outcomes, "The scriptures say the Gospel is to be preached two by two, not three by three!!"

And that's not the only trio action happening in our world this week. The Brewton Elders, in a confusing stream of Emergency Transfers and Untransfers, have landed themselves in what they call the "Power Team" and the "Tenacious Trio" and other assorted things. We just call them a car-full of boys that we have to share way to small of a space with when we ride together. They were told that the trio would stay the same for the upcoming transfer, but then Pres changed his mind again, and on the transfer sheet today they found out that Elder Kimball, the original Brewton Elder, is leaving, and Elder Edwards and Elder Brewington are going to be the Jay and Brewton Elders now.

Whew. It has been a confusing week for us up here in no man's land. We were confused like 90% of this week and we invented a word for all of this backwoodsy strangeness and confusion that makes people scared to be called to an area like this. "BOONEYITS", named for the boonies, which is right here where I sit.

As I'm stalking my new companion, Sister Lloyd in any way I can (mission blog, lds tools), I'm starting to gather that she is either coming from a Branch or another group. So she's east of Tallahassee, but at least she's not in Tallahassee because Tally is for crazies. :D And yes, Tally thinks everyone outside of Tally is crazy. It's a love-rivalry relationship.

Oh dear, it's just hitting me that Brewton is being left in my nervous little hands. I'm gonna need a GPS and a lot of help from above.

We'll see how this goes. We're doing bad on miles, have a few investigators in Brewton, a solid recent convert, a sweet new investigator that is technically outside of our area that we have permission to teach (she's so boss! she wants to know about God's power being on the earth and about it being lost and restored! So sick.) We've got the Spirit and lots of people that we haven't talked to yet! And I've been craving a good bike ride. :)

Leggo. Let you know how it goes next week. 

-Sister Laura Cooper 

                            Me and the Sister Trainers at Zone Training.  (Sister Thompson, Me, and Sister Strickland)

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