Wednesday, April 9, 2014

8 Hours Never Seemed So Fast

Gah does anyone else feel like they should still be watching the Saturday Morning Session of Conference right now? Sometimes I think they should just make a Conference month with one session every weekend so that we don't get spiritually drained and then depressed because it's over too quick!
This week has been a lot of rain and a lot of running around. One of the challenges of Brewton, I've noticed, or perhaps one of the challenges of not whitewashing, is that there are actually times when we have no ideas what to do. Whenever I was opening or whitewashing it was like "GAH ENDLESS MEMBERS TO MEET ENDLESS PEOPLE TO TALK TO ENDLESS DOORS TO KNOCK" and now I'm in a place Sister Smith has like met everyone in the branch, has a deep relationship with everyone in Brewton Group, has knocked all the doors around our house, and is aligned with the reality that no one is on the street after 7. So sometimes I'm like it's only 7 and we can't be in, but we have a very dark city and not a lot to do... :P
The good side of not whitewashing is that things were already happening when I got here, so hence that we have a sweet recent convert family to see a lot, and they sure do need it. Since the whole group is recent converts, everyone loves and needs the missionaries. It's cute. It's a special area and as much as I want to like juice some life into it and meet everyone in the town, people here take a lot of individual time and attention and that's building patience which is good.
I loved Uchtdorf's talk on Gratitude! That was my favorite. You can leave it to that man to put it simply and come up with good phraseology. Be grateful in, not grateful for.
Catch yall next week. Watch conference reruns!
-Sister Laura Cooper

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