Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mosquitos Feast, We Fast

It's Labor Day! This week seemed to go by very quickly. We just worked all day for seven days and now here we are at the computer again! 

We found a frog in the laundry this morning. That was exciting. I'm definitely not used to the amount of small critters around yet. Everyone at church likes to give me recommendations of miracle cures for my mosquito bites, but none have worked yet! However, now I carry all manner of creams,sticks, gels, spray bottles and more with me everywhere I go. The ward is always concerned about me and they give me a ton of little things that work for them to keep the mosquitos away. 

Doorstep lessons at dusk will be the death of me.

Fast Sunday went by crazy fast (ha! first time it hasn't been a misnomer). Me and Sister Bennion both fasted to find solid new investigators (without each other knowing what we were fasting for) and during the 24 hours we got 2 solid new investigators! It was great. I broke my fast during our lesson with the second one because it hit 24 hours since we started. I drank a little water and had a piece of candy and I just hoped we wouldn't suddenly be kicked out of the lesson because our spiritual power was gone haha! 

Okay, that's all the story time I have time for right now.

Love y'all
-Sister Cooper

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