Monday, August 25, 2014

Last Sister Standing

It's now official-- I've been with Sister Lloyd longer than any other companion. It seems like everyone has to have their 4 transfer companion these days. I'm glad it's with her and not with someone crazy. Not that there's any crazy sisters in the FTM haha.

Once Thursday last week came around I realized just how much change there really was in the zone. Our DL we've had for 4 transfers is gone, his new comp has only been in the area two weeks and now he is training, one of our beloved STLs has moved elsewhere in the zone (not our STL anymore-wah!), the Jay Sisters changed, the Pace Sisters are no more, and yep! Sister Lloyd is like my only friend in the zone now it feels like! And the other Milton STL. She's pretty great. I have been assigned by Sister Lloyd to exchange with the new STL and break it to her that she has to be our BFF because we have lost our last one. I'll do my best.

This week we met with a couple people we street contacted. We've been doing family history with them, and one lady is really opening up to us. She's a full time grandma, and a long time widow. She's been through a lot in her life. We've just been visiting and doing family history with her, but we got more into religious discussion this week so we are hoping to start teaching her soon. Wish we had an iPad that we could just be like "here's a video that would uplift you!" but I guess we will have to be more creative than that.

Things are going good with our eternal gator Billy; he gets things really well. He makes me want to just blabber on and on while I'm teaching because we just don't have that many people here who understand what the heck we are talking about. He's just taking the actual steps into the church really slow I guess. We'll be praying for how we can help him.

Last crazy thing that happened with the transfer-- Elder Thackerary's trainee, is someone I know. We met in the MTC, but he went home after a few days. Now he's back out and in my area... and we have not got the fact that we know each other out in the open yet. But I can tell he recognizes me from his good old MTC district. :P Awkward haha!

Well, I'm speeding on to email more peeps and send more pics! Love ya followers!

-Sister Laura Cooper

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