Monday, August 25, 2014

Growing Roots Here

Well, I better not go around thinking that I've done talked to everyone in this town because SURPRISE! I'm staying here another round! This joins me in the ranks of one of the infamous 4 transfer companionships. Usually it happens to Sister Trainers. Maybe we are our own special kind of undercover sister trainer companionship. We teach at zone training by way of telepathy, and for exchanges we do overnight area blitzes with all the other sisters in the zone. Haha. Or we are just good comps for each other and we need to stay together a long time. Who knows.

I just became the missionary in the branch who has been here the longest. Not the longest out of all the missionaries ever, but the longest out of who we will have here in the upcoming transfer. We will have Elder Thackeray, his new companion, Sister Call and her new companion, Sister Lloyd, and me. I'm even older in the branch than the senior couple and senior couples never transfer!

Oh, and this makes one more transfer I have successfully avoided becoming a trio. Almost every sister has been in a trio for at least one transfer due to some bulging amounts of sisters and not enough areas for them. But I have avoided and continue to do so. :D

Well, back to the week! Last week during weekly planning, we chose to work as a companionship on humility. Sister Lloyd warned me that crazy things would happen if we did that, but I was like "let's do it!"

On Tuesday of this week, we came home from district meeting to find that we had no running water in the apartment. Some construction was being done down the street and the water had to be turned off for "no longer than an hour". Four hours passed and we still had no running water, except for a little sputtering every time we turned a faucet on. We called our landlord and the city of East Brewton and it took them like A WHOLE DAY to figure out what was wrong and fix it. So we had no water for 24 hours, except the emergency drinking water from the closet. That was humility part one.

The other major part of humility was our contacting this week. It was like Brewton had run dry of people to talk to. We only got like one new potential this week-- a fairly good one. We were frustrated though will all the walking and biking around and no one to talk to. Then humility really got some points because we saw this lady at the top of some porch stairs and we asked if we could talk to her. She said yes, so I quickly walked up the stairs and fell on my face. HA. Huuuuuumility.

Some great stuff still came out of this week. Our lesson with eternal investigator Billy was on prophets. The Spirit was definitely there, and even though he already knows so much about the church, he seemed to really connect with the basic truths of the Restoration! It was awesome.

This is a long blog haha. Peace out now. Boonies Forever.

-Sister Laura Cooper

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