Friday, July 26, 2013

MTC Arrival

I've made it to my first P day! I have pictures to send, but so far all my SD card has accomplished is crashing myldsmail. Ohhhhh cheap PCs. I have 27 minutes to write this so I'll be fast. I got here with the early crowd on Wednesday and the only difference between reporting then and reporting at my assigned time was that I got to have lunch in the cafeteria and no one that arrived on time did. :D After that and a little waiting around, I got to settle in a little bit, but not really because I went straight to class for three hours. My district's teachers are both returned sister missionaries, which is really unique in the MTC. I love them; they are super easy to talk to and learn from. I room with 4 other Sisters-- 2 going to Chicago, one solo sister going to Anahiem ASL speaking, and then me and my companion Sister Imlay going to Tallahassee. They are all from Utah!! :( But, Sis Imlay is awesome possum and she actually knows how to work out and she's teaching me. We have our little fake investigator that we'll be working with during our stay here. It's our teacher Sister Mills, but she plays a sporty college student named Kristen living with an LDS family. She's based on someone Sis Mills actually taught on her mission, so it's been so cool learning more about her based on talking to her and praying for her. Seriously, my comp and I have gone off into a different classroom twice to pray before we taught Kristen, and BOTH TIMES we got walked in on my an arriving class! :P Haha the MTC makes that so normal. Other than that, you've heard that I made the mistake of telling them that it was time for me to have my thyroid blood test again and now me and Sister Imlay have been to the health clinic like four times for one of us or the other! We have consumed approximately 2857923 lollipops from there since arriving. Okay, time is almost up. I love it here, but it's stressful, but I love it here anyway and I'm learning about focusing on the investigator and how to study for hours on end. I feel so stregthened! It is seriously Spiritual Boot Camp. :) I love you all! 

Sister Cooper <3

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