Tuesday, May 7, 2013

When You Make Friends with the Relief Society President

I've made a terrible mistake.

Just kidding; I've gotten myself into an awesome opportunity...paired with lots of meetings!

Thug life. But, really, is there a single, girlier calling in the whole church?!?! Let minnow.

This is what happens when you make friends with the newly called President. 

Thus, with 78 days left until The Mish, I take my binder in stride and prepare for many hours of number recording and loving of people. Sounds like the perfect prep to me! On Sunday we took 4 hours to assign callings and visiting teaching assignments--and it was fun! When you've got good people (like my presidency sisters) working on a good task--it has to be, well, good.

This next 6.5 weeks while I'm at Spring Term should be interesting because I am now officially That Girl. I am in Max Credits, working a part time Grease Pit  job, preparing for The Mish, and now.... Relief Society Presidency.


I'm not Supergirl, so prepare some good jokes for the day when I start to lose my sanity.

Won't you save me Tallaaaaaahaaaassee?

Sister Laura Cooper

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